miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

* My life you're your *

Nos estrenamos con nuestro nuevo sponsor y os traemos unos diseños muy juveniles, comodos y actuales. Jon os trae una chaqueta en varias tallas mesh semi abierta y con capucha en la espalda combinada con unos pantalones mesh en varias tallas y su cinturon a juego . Yo os traigo un outfit que consta de top , pantalon de cintura alta  y sandalias todo ello cambiable de color con el hud que trae. Este diseño es valido para cuerpos mesh y cuerpos normales gracias a sus tallas fitmesh.El pelo que llevo es novedad de Tameless y como siempre con sus hud y variedad de colores.
We released our new sponsor and we bring you some designs very juvenile, comfortable and current. Jon brings a jacket in several sizes mesh semi open and hooded back combined with mesh in various sizes jeans and his belt game. I will bring you an outfit consisting of top, pants high waist and sandals all Changeable color with hud that brings. This design is valid for normal bodies thanks to its fitmesh size and mesh bodies. The hair that I have is novelty Tameless and as always with their hud and variety of colors.
*Outfit* Angel DELUXE - Pack 1 Outfit Bella - FITMESH in Marketplace and Store
* Pants* Angel DELUXE - Blue Jeans Bootcut - FITMESH Marketplace and Store
* Jacket* Angel DELUXE - Burton Hoodie Jacket - MESH Marketplace and Store
* Hair* Tameless Hair Maddox - Mega Pack

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